Sweet solutions from Alkem Labs

Sweet solutions from Alkem Labs

Alkem Laboratories is gearing up for the launch of their sugar substitute, sucralose in the Indian market

Praful Gupta,Marketing Manager,Alkem Laboratories

Buoyed from the success of sucralose in US and European markets, Alkem Laboratories is looking at banking on the success of this sweetener by launching it in India. While the company initially plans to target the food industry, the product will also hit the consumer markets in Mumbai and Poona very shortly.

Sucralose is a no-calorie sweetener made from sugar and is used as an ingredient in processed foods and beverages. It is also used in various tabletop sweeteners available in supermarkets and other consumer outlets world over. This ingredient is obtained by following a patented process, which involves substituting three chlorine atoms for three hydrogen-oxygen groups on the sugar molecule. The tightly bound chlorine atoms create a molecular structure that is exceptionally stable. As a food-additive, sucralose is extremely safe and several scientific studies prove that it is not carcinogenic.

While its counterparts like aspartame suffer from a drawback of lingering bitter taste, sucralose is a clear winner in the area, as it tastes like sugar and leaves no after taste. In addition to this, unlike aspartame, sucralose can also be used in cooking. According to Chef Sanjay Malkani, Lotus Suites, Orchid, “Alkem’s sucralose is as good as sugar. We are trying it for several products and the results are coming out well.”

Alkem Laboratories is the first company to manufacture sucralose in India. Alkem will come up with sucralose that will have a variant—Fructo Oligo Sacchharide (FOS).

“FOS is a 100 percent soluble fibre. It helps in lowering LDL cholesterol, which in turn is helpful for diabetics and people with heart problems,” says Alkem Laboratories’ GM-Neutraceuticals, Sharad Kasarle. Being a probiotic, FOS helps to improve the body’s defense mechanism as it assists in the growth of useful bacteria in the body.

Alkem, in addition to the food industry will also target individual consumers for the product. The company has already filed for registration of a brand name and will be releasing the product in consumer markets very shortly. “The target consumer will be the health conscious individual who spends time in gyms, working out and getting in shape. It is also targeted at weight conscious individuals who often watch their calorie intake. The proposition is that if you have been eating a slice of cake for long, you can now have the entire cake,” informs Praful Gupta, Marketing Manager, Alkem Laboratories.

Talking on the prospects of Sucralose, S Krishnakumar, General Manager, Corporate Business Development said, “The potential of the proposition is heightened by the huge international enquiries received by us, even from regulated markets of Europe and USA. We are in advanced stage of discussions with giants from Europe, USA and Canada on alliances on sucralose. This will open a big business opportunity for Alkem internationally. Alkem’s growth over the last few years has been sweet; sucralose will only make it sweeter.”