Symposium on patient safety and pharmacists to be held on July 27

The Department of Pharmacy Practice of National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), Mohali, is organising a symposium on `Patient Safety and the Pharmacists’ on July 27th, 2005.

The major topics of discussion are to be Indian pharmacovigilance system, patient safety and the pharmacist in UK, initiatives of NIPER in patient safety and safe use of medicines and the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmacists, students and healthcare professionals are expected to participate in the symposium.

The symposium will focus on the means of improving patient safety through the pharmacists. “In the past decade, some progress has been made in the area of training of the pharmacists in patient care activities. The pharmacists therefore need to re-define their responsibilities so that patient care becomes an integral part of their activities,” Dr Pramil Tiwari, programme co-ordinator opined.

Improving the existing use pattern of medicines is one dimension that will improve the safety of the patients. Medicines can be remarkably beneficial, lengthening life and improving its quality by reducing symptoms and improving well-being. With the increased development of novel drugs, there has been a rise in the potential for adverse drug effects. Nearly half of the drug-related problems are due to adverse drug reactions and events–which are preventable. It is here that the pharmacists can attempt to reduce these preventable events, he explained.