The namesake

The namesake

2007013101-5059791They have the same last name but they have nothing in common. This discussion is not about siblings, its about biogenerics. Joined by the same suffix, these two classes of pharmaceuticals share nothing. Generics are known for profits, low cost manufacturing and good export markets. And these are exactly the characteristics absent in biogenerics; with high manufacturing and maintenance costs, regulatory issues and entry barriers to regulated markets. However, it is too soon to judge them as they have a long way to go. The cover story focuses on future and trends of biogenerics.

The fiesta

We talked a lot about the Indian markets. Hence, this time we decided to take a trip to Europe to discuss the Italian market. Though people tend the put EU in the same basket, its not rational to do so since there are few similarities between all the countries. And of all the countries, Italy is distinct with its almost virgin generics industry which is the most inviting feature for Indian companies set shop there. Also, the country is tilting towards generics, making it a sumptuous meal. Manuela Cimini, Managing Director, Learning Edge, Italy discusses these matters in the Management cover interview.

Backward glance

Talking of different views, it helps sometimes to look at things in the opposite direction. This is exactly what researchers are up to these days in terms of conducting clinical trials. It has become mandatory for proponents of traditional medicine to validate themselves but they feel it is not necessary to go through the entire chain of drug discovery since they have been in use since centuries. This issue’s Research cover discovers the new method of reverse pharmacology.

And there is yet another factor that needs fresh look at! And that is the human factor. No two people are the same and there no way an organisation can treat their workforce across countries in the same way. This issue’s Pharma life cover talks of multi-cultural issues in global corporates.

Sandeep Ajgaonkar