‘The true success is yet to come’

‘The true success is yet to come’

Pune based toxicity testing company Intox has already proved its credibility by becoming just the fourth Indian CRO with international Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) certification. Sachin Jagdale provides more details

Where there is a will there is a way. This often repeated statement rings true for Intox, a Pune based toxicity testing company and the brainchild of three experienced technologists, Dr Prabhakar Naik, Dr Mukul Pore and Dr Narendra Deshmukh. Intox’s journey began from hired premises in Shivajinagar, Pune to today‚Äôs 1,00,000 square foot plot, with a new, modern and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) compliant test facility at Urawade in Pune.

Unlike other companies, Intox does not have the financial backing of any business house. Commenting on the success mantra of Intox, Naik says, “There is no success mantra. Sincere efforts to maintain quality, flexible approach to provide a tailor-made solution to each client, quick and one-to-one interaction with client, accumulated technical expertise, and affordable prices has helped us to reach this stage, true success is yet to come.”

Intox’s mission to provide high quality, reliable research and testing services in the field of safety assessment to sponsors has seen a long list of clients from within the country as well as overseas.

Today, Intox has Ranbaxy, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories and many such high profile names in their client list. Intox initiated upgradation of test facility for GLP compliance in 2003 and attained full certification in May 2005. The facility is certified for GLP compliance (as per OECD principles,) by GLP monitoring authorities of both the Government of India as well as Government of Netherlands.

Intox has become just the fourth Indian CRO that has achieved an overseas GLP certification. The new facility has more than 24 climate controlled rooms for breeding and experimentation on several species of test systems and it indeed guarantees highly accurate test results. This facility has become one of the leading toxicological laboratories on the Indian subcontinent.

At Intox, facilities are available for conducting various types of regulatory studies in the areas of acute mammalian toxicity, subchronic mammalian toxicity, chronic mammalian toxicity/ carcinogenicity, teratology and reproduction toxicity, in vivo and in vitro mutagenicity, ecotoxicity (aquatic and terrestrial). The use of modern technology and sincere efforts to provide customers with services on par with international standards, will definitely make Intox a well-accepted name on the global arena.