Unichem announces LORD II trial results

Unichem announces LORD II trial results

EPP News Bureau – Mumbai

Unichem Laboratories, a leading Indian pharmaceutical company with a consolidated global total income of Rs 618 crore, is the first Indian company to undertake and announce the results of LORD II Trial: Post Marketing Surveillance on Loram. Loram is marketed by Unisearch—A Division of Unichem Laboratories. LORD II (LOsartan and Ramipril in Diabetic hypertensive patients) is the second in the series of post marketing surveillance studies carried out in hypertensive patients with diabetes, at eight leading medical centres of India, according to a company press release.

According to the results of LORD II, a fall in blood pressure of 26.26/12.60 mmHg was achieved at the end of 12 weeks. Proteinuria in these patients showed a significant 30 per cent reduction from baseline. Good to excellent tolerability and efficacy was seen in more than 93 per cent patients and all doctors gave a unanimous decision of continuing LORAM in 94 per cent of patients, the release axplained.

Cardiovascular diseases caused 2.3 million deaths in India in the year 1990; this is projected to double by the year 2020. Hypertension is directly responsible for 57 per cent of all stroke (paralysis) deaths and 24 per cent of all coronary heart disease (heart attacks) in India. Today India has an approximate number of 33 million adults with diabetes, which is likely to increase to 57.2 million by the year 2025. World Health Organization states that 1 in every 4 diabetic patient would be an Indian.

Diabetes is frequently associated with hypertension and the most common complication in these patients is damage to the kidney which can progress to renal failure, if not adequately treated. If this damage is diagnosed in the early stages, by appropriate treatment the progression of kidney damage can be slowed down. One of the most important factors in controlling this damage, is a tight control of blood pressure in diabetic hypertensives.