Unifying corporate mismatches

Unifying corporate mismatches
Conflicts in an organisation are inevitable. To manage and curb them to a minimum is an art. Sushmi Dey gives an overview of the various conflict management techniques adopted by companies

Different strokes
Sarma Duddu, the MD of Nektar Lifesciences is one of those who believe that if you wait for a good time to come, you end up waiting for a pretty good time. He prefers to work towards opportunities and his life is all about being there when the good time comes. Sonal Shukla finds out

Preparing the organisation for change
To quote an anonymous author, “Change is inevitable except from a vending machine”. Most individuals and organisations do not readily embrace change. Often, they take steps to avoid it. In many cases, individuals expend more energy resisting change, without realising that it would take lesser energy to just change.