Dabur Pharma introduces Nanoxel in India

Our News BureauMumbai

Dabur Pharma, a leading Indian company in the field of cancer research announced the launch of Nanoxel, a novel drug delivery system for the widely used anti-cancer drug Paclitaxel. This nanoscale drug delivery system is India’s first indigenously developed nanotechnology based chemotherapy agent. “We are very excited to launch the first nanoparticle drug delivery system outside of the United States,” said Dr Anand Burman, Chairman, Dabur Pharma.

Dr Rama Mukherjee, President R&D at Dabur Research Foundation (DRF) added, “The drug is a result of years of persevering research in the application of progressive technology for the treatment of various types of cancer at DRF. Owing to its water insolubility, the widely used chemotherapy agent paclitaxel that is known to have substantial anti-tumour activity is now used with a castor oil based solvent, cremophor which in turn is an agent for life threatening side-effects. The anti-cancer drug Nanoxel, based on the principles of nanotechno-logy, is a cremophor free water soluble formulation and is indicated as an effective and safe therapy for advanced breast, non-small-cell lung, and ovarian cancinomas.”

With the launch of Nanoxel, Dabur Pharma expects to bring hope of better and safer therapy to a number of ailing cancer patients in India who have suffered for want of a reliable yet cost effective cancer treatment. “The introduction of Nanoxel in India reinforces Dabur Pharma’s image as a significant company with an in-house capability to develop critical anti-cancer products as well as proprietary technologies that considerably accelerate the ongoing research and development work at its research facility. We also plan to rollout the novel chemotherapy drug delivery formulation internationally in the near future,” says Ajay K Vij, COO, Dabur Pharma.