Vectacraft’s MERLIN 300XC cartoner

Vectacraft’s MERLIN 300XC cartoner

Vectacraft is a company whose goal is to single-mindedly develop cartoners and end-of-line solutions comprising bundlers and casepackers. Vectacraft’s USP over other suppliers is its automatic transfer/in-feed systems, in cartoners, that link with any upstream primary packers for diverse products. Speeds range from 30 cpm to an express 300 cpm which its flagship cartoner, the MERLIN 300XC, boasts. Born for the faster time-to-market age, it is poised with a top speed of 300 cartons per minute to become an indispensable link in the customer’s manufacturing process.

At the heart of the MERLIN series cartoners is the rotary carton pick-up system which grabs the carton from the magazine, pre-breaks it by counter suction, and then loads it smoothly into the carton chain. The carriers in the chain then hold the carton squarely till product-loading and carton-closing is completed. Other features include—

  • Auto transfer/in-feed system for various products

  • A powered conveyor to bring the cartons to the magazine

  • Smooth rotary carton pick-up system

  • Rotary pick-up for pre-folded leaflets

  • Leaflet folding and feeding

  • Leaflet pre-insertion (for delicate products)

  • Easily accessible drives those are isolated from the product path

  • Quick tool-less changeover

  • Printing by embossing/debossing/ink-jet

  • Tuck-in/hot-melt/cold glue carton closure

  • Centralised lubrication

  • Bar-code security system.

The Merlin 300XC was first launched a couple of years back and it was the fastest in the country then. It still remains the fastest! nine machines have been supplied since then (two being overseas) and all are working successfully to the complete satisfaction of the customers.