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Waters expands sample preparation offerings

EPP News Bureau, Bangalore

Waters Corporation’s new Sirocco 96-well filtration plate revolutionizes the automation and throughput of protein precipitation in drug metabolism/ADME/toxicology labs. The Sirocco protein precipitation plate provides a simplified means of sample preparation. Waters has added the new Sirocco protein precipitation plate to its existing sample prep brands — Oasis and Sep-Pak SPE products.

Scientists can overcome today’s automation problems with Waters Sirocco Protein Precipitation Plate – which combines novel 96-well plate tip design features with proprietary new membranes that results in rapid “in-well” sample preparation methods. Sirocco allows scientists to maximize sample recovery, maximize mass spectrometry uptime by eliminating cloudy filtrates, eliminate extra sample handling steps and minimize sample cross-talk. The Sirocco Protein Precipitation Plate is suitable for manual or automated processing. Typical processing of 96 samples takes less than 15 minutes.