‘We guide them about the infrastructure’

‘We guide them about the infrastructure’

Ganesh Naik, the Environment Minister of the Government of Maharashtra tells Sachin Jagdale about pollution standards.

Mr Ganesh Naik

State Excise and Environment Minister, Maharashtra, India

What are the rules and regulations that have been set by the government to keep vigil on the pharma companies, which are causing environment pollution?

Water Pollution (prevention and control) Act 1974 and Air Pollution (prevention and control) Act, 1981 are applicable in the State (of Maharashtra). Further Hazardous Waste Handling Rules, 1989 under Environment Protection Act 1986, are also used to keep a vigil on the companies. We also have charter for CREP corporate responsibility for environmental protection.

Do you feel that industrial pollution controlling companies/consultancies are finding it difficult to treat the effluents from pharma companies and that’s why they are tapping other industrial companies?

No, we have provided common effluent treatment plants as an economical and viable means that also provides proper disposal arrangement after treatment.

What are the technologies that the companies are currently using to treat the effluents?

Most of the companies are currently using conventional technology with treatment, using biological cultures. Hazardous waste is treated and land filled at common hazardous waste treatment facility. Under clean development mechanism industry can select technology to reduce the generation of pollutants.

What kind of help does government provide to the companies?

We guide them about availability of infrastructure facilities like CETP, HWTSDF etc available in the industrial areas so that they can choose the location.

What is the punishment for the companies who breach the norms set by the government to control environment pollution?

Legal action are initiated under the provisions of Water Act 1974 and Air Act, 1982 and also under Hazardous Waste Rules 1989 for unsatisfactory compliance, legal action like closer directions are also issued in appropriate cases.