‘We have a ‘Can Do, ‘Will Do and ‘Must Do approach’

‘We have a ‘Can Do, ‘Will Do and ‘Must Do approach’

Dr Nirav Desai, Managing Director, Cybernetik Technologies Pvt Ltd considers manpowers as a valuable entity to the company and according to him they are the one who drives company on a growth. He reveals more to Usha Sharma

When was Cybernetik Technologies Pvt Ltd (CTPL) formed and what is its Corporate Vision?

Cybernetik Technologies was founded in 1989 and our vision is to produce world class products through Innovation and technology. The promoters of CTPL have studied, taught and worked in the US as well as in India. Considering that the US is the world’s biggest Pharma market and also India’s largest pharma export destination.

How does this professional background and experience benefit your clients?

Our professional background coupled with the engineering talent, ensures that we do not cut corners in designing and building equipment, and it is this very simple attribute that builds huge confidence in our ability to supply world class products. We have a ‘Can Do, ‘Will Do and ‘Must Do approach with all our clients.

Initially, what kind of consultation did CTPL provide to its clients? Do you still provide consultation in these areas of expertise?

Initially the promoters did not have the kind of seed capital necessary to set up a world class manufacturing unit. To put it bluntly we had to pull strings to get a Rs 25000.00 working capital limit set up with our bank. Consultancy required the least amount of capital and hence that was a natural stepping stone to where we are today. To start with, we provided detailed engineering services to clients and provided assistance to get the equipment fabricated by local vendors.

What is the revenue/client mix between pharma, chemical, food and agri sectors?

We have process group which basically caters into Pharma, Chemical, Food and Agriculture. Our motto is ‘Concept to Commissioning’. At present, our food and pharma business contributes nearly 50 percent of our process group revenue and balance is equally shared between agro and speciality chemicals.

Globally, regulators are becoming more stringent and Indian Pharma companies are of late, on the radar of regulatory agencies for faulty manufacturing procedures and violations.

All the products supplied by CTPL have been put through numerous quality and performance tests to meet the US and European quality standards. At this point in time, the faulty manufacturing procedures and violations are more a result of cutting corners and not ignorance of procedures etc.

What are the problems you have identified in the Pharma industry and what solutions do you offer to meet these challenges?

The Indian Pharma industry is booming and will continue to grow at a brisk pace. In order to meet the challenges of setting up world class Pharma facilities in India, we expect to be a part of this boom and will strive to produce equipment at competitive prices.

What innovative and comprehensive process automation solutions CTPL offers to the Pharma industry?

With continuous innovation and challenging a day old manufacturing technologies, we have developed strong product base. Products like IBC washing station, weighing and filling Systems (API), powder handling and processing systems etc are very innovative in their respective segments. We believe in providing complete packaged solution to our customer and hence by integrating different systems we provide comprehensive process automation solutions for the Pharma industry.

Products and service wise, what differentiate CTPL from other solution providers in the same space?

We have high level of technological sophistication, varied customisation options are available. Some ready to use offerings, a very skilled and professional installations and commissioning jobs and continuous adherence to the best quality. Such and many more solution offerings from Cybernetik distinguish it from the rest.

How cost effective is your product?

With the boom in the Pharma industry domestic as well as exports, cost really should not be a hurdle in meeting the quality standards set by the regulatory bodies.

What are the products in the pipeline slated for launch in this financial year?

We will concentrate of improving the performance of our powder handling equipment as well as foray into the area of particle size reduction. Off line air classifiers is also an area that will see demand from the API industry.

Could you please share your different categories of products and its end users?

We offer products in following different categories; receiving + feeding, storage + removal, conveying, powder processing, packing, washing we have collaborations for Fluid Energy with USA , UINITRAK Canada and SOLIMAR PNEUMATICS, USA

What unique service does your packaging service offer to your clients?

Our expertise in powder handling systems enables us to design and build Automatic packaging systems to fill products into the Open Mouth Bags, Valve Bags, Drums, and Totes etc.

When it comes to a result of the study, how prompt is CTPL with reference to safety and efficacy? What are the internal quality validation systems and certifications used by CTPL?

At CTPL, we have world class pilot test facilities. All products manufactured here is tested and proven on our shop floor before dispatch. This helps our clients to meet their internal validation criteria for such systems before the systems are actually installed in their factory. All equipment manufactured by us conforms to cGMP norms. Safety standards vary across the industry and our equipment are customised to meet the standards specified while maintaining the minimum requirements. While some clients require a high degree of safety features (cost no bar), others will strike some sort of a balance and we cater to both.

Whom do you consider your competitors? What kind of competition do you see from them and how will you overcome this?

Cybernetik offers a widest range of products in each category. We serve four different segments namely, Pharma, Chemical, Food and Agriculture which speak volumes on our engineering talent. While we do not have one single competitor whose product range matches ours, we do have firms competing in different areas of powder processing. With the engineering talent available in our company, we are always innovating and this will keep us ahead of the pack.

Presently, how big is your team (global and in India)? Do you have plans to hire more people?

We believe that human capital is the most valuable resource for any organisation. We value the unique intelligence, knowledge, experience, and skills of our team members and we appreciate the diversity in our working environment. We build competencies by creating opportunities for everyone to demonstrate their talents and prove their leadership abilities. We currently have 70 plus engineers, 60 plus technicians, 20 plus support staff and 60 plus skilled and unskilled operators. We have a steady need for ambitious and focused individuals who are looking for a healthy work environment that will foster their growth and help them to perform to their potential.

Please discuss about your presence in other countries? Are you planning to strengthen this further? How soon and will you choose the organic or inorganic route?

Cybernetik has evolved as a global supplier and solution provider for all Pharma majors across the globe. Currently, we export to USA, Africa, Europe, and Asia. While, the bulk of our business abroad has been a result of recommendations from the Indian subsidiary, we also participate in International Exhibitions such as Interphex -New York and POWTECH – Nuremberg, Germany.

What was your turnover during the last fiscal? What percentage of growth you are targeting from the current year and what would be your targeted turnover for 2010-11?

During the last year our turnover stood at Rs 300 million and from the current year, we are expecting to grow at 30 percent.

Looking ahead, what are your plans for next five years?

With an established Cybernetik brand in India, we hope to continue and build relationships abroad. In achieving this, we must acknowledge the efforts by the MNCs in India, who have shown immense faith in our ability to deliver world class products and have recommended our products to their facilities abroad. We also plan to form strategic partnerships with like minded firms operating out of Europe and the US.