‘We have excellent understanding of client process needs and problems’

‘We have excellent understanding of client process needs and problems’

Proceed water plays key role in Pharmaceutical industry. In India Nishotech have captured major market and become well known provider. Sanjay Badani, Managing Director Nichotech highlights company’s active business models with Usha Sharma

How long has Nishotech been in the business of finding solutions for the Indian Pharma industry? What are the core values of the company?

Since from 1989, we have become a name to reckon with in the Pharma, Food Processing and Biotech world for sterile process piping systems. With its vast experience in executing prestigious projects and a highly skilled workforce, Latest techniques particularly in orbital welding technology are used to integrate pipe work installation and end results are checked using Boroscopy with still / video rendering. We mainly focus on customer service and satisfaction, quality of services, contribution to career growth, engineering and project excellence, creativity and new customised engineering solutions, adherence to deadlines and deliverables and ethical business practices

Tell us about company’s different business verticals and its thrust on the respective industry?

Nishotech is a project engineering company with the vision to provide innovative solutions to create value for customers in the areas of separation technologies, high purity pharma water systems (pretreatment, generation, storage and distribution), and sterile process piping. Nishotech serves a diverse range of customers in pharmaceutical, bio-pharma, healthcare, automotive, sugar and dairy segments as well with technology portfolios of membrane systems (Mf, UF, NF, and RO), ion exchange and adsorption systems, industrial chromatographic systems, and RO and Electrodeionisation (EDI).

How do you ensure that your products are up to the mark in terms of statutory requirements?

Our output quality parameter of Pharma water systems are as per USP guidelines, also our design takes care for HASOP. Our installed systems have become the benchmark in the pharma industry as it is approved by USFA and other regulatory body.

What is the USP of your product?

The company has an excellent understanding of client process needs and problems faced by clients for their process. Our systems are economical within the best standards an the skill of applied engineering.

Tell us different therapeutics which needs processed water?

The areas like parental drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s), vaccines oral dosages and liquid dosages and ointments needs processed water

Please share detail note on your partnership and upcoming tie ups?

Nishotech shares an exclusive technical collaboration with the France-based technology group, Novasep Process, Ziemann (process vessels) & GEA for PIGGING: Product recovery systems. Nishotech is Absolutely committed to Total Quality Management Nishotech employs leading edge world-class technologies and its vast experience in understanding client requirement to deliver quality products on time, every time. Nishotech brings a pioneering zeal, using the best of science and technology, while evolving techniques that become standards for others to follow. Soon we will have intonation brand associated with us for Pharma water generation systems.

Who all are your pharma as well as biotech clients? How further you are revolving your business with them?

We have Pharma clients like Claris, Pfizer, Biopharmax, Reliance Life sciences Torrent , Intas, Martix, Dr Reddy’s , Serum Institute of India. Whereas, in biotech we have Panacea, Serum, Biocon, Concord Biotech, Leumis, Wockhardt etc.

What best solutions do you provide to your clients?

We give solution to detail engineering, turnkey project management, validation documentation training of our systems and after sales services

How big is your footprint / share in the domestic market and how you are planning to increase further?

We are Rs 30 crore company in single product catering to Pharma domestic market and planning to expand in overseas to cater the Pharma, Food and Beverages and healthcare sector.

At present, what big is your staff strength?

Currently, we have 65 Engineers, 25 administrative staff, 90 people are for site and project engineers (Direct & Indirect Teams)

Who are your competitors?

We see competition from Still mass, Christ, Neela India and Wipro Waters

What are your future plans?

To increase the network, to provide diversified range of technologies catering Pharma, to develop more engineering solutions in lines to filtration, separation and sterile process piping. To introduce new technology as well as to create R&D lab for trials.